Flow until account establishment

STEP1.Application for account establishment

I prepare for a required document, and, please apply for account establishment than an application for our page form.

Two kinds of documents which an address can confirm are necessary for an application separately from a passport.

Person confirmation documents


Address confirmation documents (two kinds)

Detailed statements of a driver's license, inhabitants list, utilities
And the present address is listed and a legal engine publishes it

With the above document as a scan or a photograph, send it by an email.

STEP2.Sending of account ID, the password

When application documents do not have deficiency, I send account ID, a password to the e-mail address of the designation for approximately one week.
In addition, I contact me by an email to an e-mail address of the designation when application documents have deficiency.

STEP3.Remittance of the operative fund

Please transfer an operative fund to a designation account guiding by an email. Money received is usually completed for approximately one week from a remittance day.

STEP4.Installation of Meta Trader4

I download Meta Trader4 from HP, and, please install it in a PC.
Because I can confirm it in Meta Trader4 if overseas remittances are completed, use can start.

Account establishment form

必須your name  
必須mail address
必須confirm mail address
必須telephone number
post corporate account is indispensable
FAX corporate account is indispensable
The number of employees corporate account is indispensable
representative's birth date corporate account is indispensable