Privacy Policy

About the handling about the personal information

We recognize importance of the personal information and plan thorough protection and observe laws about the personal information to get the trust from a visitor and promise that I obey the following personal information protection policy.

Definition of the personal information

In us, I manage the information that can identify a service user individual like a full name, a phone number, an e-mail address as "personal information" strictly.

The use of the personal information

The personal information of the visitor of the offer of the better product, service to a visitor, useful information send it, and drink it for other fair purposes, and use it.

Collection of personal information

When I collect the personal information of the visitor, I limit the purpose as much as possible. The range of the personal information to collect shall not be beyond a limit necessary to achieve a purpose of the collection. In addition, I perform it by legitimate and fair means on collecting it.

Management, protection of the personal information

I secure the latest state, and the personal information of visitor takes the hedges such as unjust access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation and the leak. In addition, about the access to databases affecting personal information, I limit a person having access privileges and manage it severely so that the unjust use is not done in the office either.

Maintenance of the regime in the company

We arrange a rule about the protection of the personal information in the company based on this personal information protection policy and show a clear policy about a privacy policy for our employees and act for protection of the personal information of the visitor and maintain the system that protection of the personal information is performed enough or inspects in an office.